Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trim the Dead Ends

Got a new Hair-do, finally. Well it's really just a cut I got about three weeks ago. I just got around to posting the picture, but I'm so happy I got rid of those dead ends. It's crazy how my life has followed the same pattern. I'm doing a growth plan with my hairdresser to see how quickly my hair will grow by just trimming off the dead ends every six weeks. Imagine how far along we would be in life concerning our goals and progress if we would just trim off the dead ends every six weeks. Reevaluate what's holding us back whether it be people, fears, or ourselves. Just a little food for thought.

In other news, I finally got a cell phone on Black Friday. It's amazing to some that I'm still breathing, I mean no cell phone for more than six months...*Blank Stare* I've been doing a lot of reading reviews online on various products and buying products as well. I also have very specific tastes in almost everything I like from movies to shampoo, soooo I figured I'd start doing video blogs on specific topics from movies to politics to music to makeup & fashion to food and so on and so forth. Youtube will be my avenue for delivering these vids. Not sure when I will begin but it will be soon. Thank you for reading...LOVE

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