Friday, April 9, 2010

Sequins & Flowers

Hope everyone had an awesome Easter/Resurrection Day. I enjoyed my weekend very much, which is a first in a long while. Well not that I don't enjoy my weekends, I just don't ever really do much. I went to a Clippers game with the family and a BBQ for a family members' birthday which was super fun. My family cracks me up! I stuffed my face with ribs, BBQ chicken and other odds and ends. I'm getting used to my new work schedule but it's kind of taking a toll on my sleep so I'll definitely be turning in earlier from now on. Hope everyone is doing well as am I....LOVE!

Wearing: Ditsy vintage top, Black pant/leggings-Appalet, Black motorcycle boots-Guess by Marciano, Black vintage sequin Blazer.

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