Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Others

Aliens, UFO's, Mars...These are all terms we've heard and formed our own opinions about, whether they be positive or negative. Are they real, Why not? Hey if it helps people sleep at night, I say, "Be my guest". I think people put these labels on the things in which they are afraid. Most times the fear of oneself and their own "True" identity. I always say to people, "If I dressed how I really wanted to dress people would think I was crazy". Why are our real selves viewed as weird or crazy when we are all the same. What is weird? I don't know why aliens and the paranormal has recently sparked my interest. It probably has something to do with the Humanities class I'm taking this semester, "Encountering the Other". This week's lecture had a lot to do with the "Other" in the form of aliens. I also watched the movie "Signs" over the weekend, which I hadn't watched in a while. Ok, enough of the deep supernatural mumbo! Here's some of the space-aged items I found and fell in love with....Enjoy!

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