Thursday, September 25, 2008

$30 Dollars

What would thirty dollars buy You? bought me 2 oversized cardigans, a super cute navy blue blazer with gold anchor detail on the pocket, a black 80's inspired button up dress, an oversized men's plaid shirt for layering, 2 waist belts, and some very detailed black vintage boots. Dude, I went a little overboard at the thrift store today but I couldn't resist. Have you ever felt like you have so much stuff but can never seem to find anything you want to put on your body. It seems like everytime I look in my dresser or closet I have nothing to wear. All my shirts are either too cold, too old, or too bold. But I have managed to dig some cute stuff out of my closet that I forgot I had...(pictures to come). Anyways, this stuff was a steal and I need it for those cold months ahead. Oh, and the boots don't even fit hoo! They're a size 6 and I wear an 8 1/2 (squeezed my foot in for the purpose of the picture). So what would $30 dollars buy you?

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