Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Romping Good Time

Nothing too exciting happened today (is there ever). The highlight of my day was running errands with my sister and nephew. Usually anything involving cute chubby babies, I'm there! This romper has been sitting in a wardrobe bag under my bed for about 2 months now. I was running out of suitable attire for this sweltering post-summer heat, this was the perfect solution.

I started out the day with this belt around my waist but I decided to
do a wardrobe change while doing some shopping. I just wrapped it around my wrist and it looked pretty cool. I buckled it, and wah-la! The watch I got at a local thriftshop it doesn't work...lol! Gotta get to class soon...smooches.
romper-bag-necklace-belt-watch:Secondhand. Shoes Dollhouse by-way-of Ross

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