Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tee Time

Ok so I was supposed to be getting out of the tee phase but
it just keeps creeping up on me. I mean how can one get rid of one of
their favorite things.

These vintage glasses give you the "geek" effect but in a slightly cooler way.

I wore my sleeves rolled up over my shoulders, like the soccer players do, one day a couple of weeks ago on a little trip to Santa Monica. It was one of those shirt sticking to your skin humid days, which I happened to wear a Tee-shirt just like this one (I have them in abundance...6 pack fruit of the loom on sale at Le Target). Anyways, the humidity forced me to perform a wardrobe switcher-Roo. I ended up kinda liking the way it looked in a weird sort of way so I did it again today, this time with fashion tendencies in mind.

Wait what was I doing...Oh yeah the Geek did a switcher-Roo at Le Target. I hope you were paying attention!

Wardrobe switcher-Roo number two which doubles as my jacked up mugshot.

It's Tee time..."No not that Tee", "This Tea". This is my latest minor infatuation. Pomegranate White Tea, which my sister bought on a recent visit to Le Trader Joe's. *side note* Why is Joe a Traitor? Oh, he's a Trader...I get it, you know Trader...I guess not (blank stare) *end of side note* Anyways, the tea is the best. I had a few minor cold symptoms for the past two weeks. Therefore, I was drinking this tea to soothe my sore throat. Well let's just say one cup as a remedy for sore throat turned into another visit to Le Trader Joe's for a replacement box before my sister notices. No, it's not completely empty. There's enough for one more "Spot of tea"...Literally!

Get-the-Goods: tee-shirt Fruit of the Loom Men's and hat Target. glasses Vintage. necklace Gift.

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