Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gray Day

Today was neither black nor white, hot nor cold, up nor down. Just gray!
Accompanied my sister to an afternoon of shopping, which included American Apparel, for the first time in my life...yeap first time (I was pleasantly surprised by all the basic goodies there), a visit to a cool fabric store in L.A. where we chatted with some interesting people to say the least, and topped off all our festivities with a late afternoon nap. The gray part of the day was waking up to homework which lasted about four hours (yikes). The good part is I don't have to spend my entire Sunday working on dreadful homework assignments...yayyy!
Get-the-Goods: cardigan-Forever 21 men's section. pants and tank-Forever 21. shoes-secondhand. scarf-DD's discounts. jewelry and glasses-vintage

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