Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seventy Degrees and Breezy

The temperature dropped pretty significantly over the past couple days, which is a sure sign that Summer is gone and Fall is here. All smiles here since I got to debut this sweater I like to call Chanel-esque (hate labels....even yours Coco sorry well I don't hate labels, just when they're plastered over an entire garment...hey what can I say I'll wear anything I find to be cute or feel good in). I really wanted to add a pop of color somewhere in the ensemble without taking away from the sweater. I thought of wearing a colored stone necklace I have but it kind of complcated the look. Then, I tried a colored clutch or purse but all the ones I have are adorned with gold, studs, or just not the right shape. Therefore, I edited the look and just went for a classic black and white silhouette. Sometimes the basics are more than enough. Smooches!
Get-the-Goods: sweater Vintage Pringle of Scotland. pants and bracelets Forever 21. tank H&M.


Tammy said...

And cute it is (was)!!!

jaleh said...

what a cute sweater!!!!

Tesh said...

Thanx for the comments :)