Friday, December 5, 2008

Au Naturale

So I decided to do a post sans makeup (not that I even wear a lot of it), sans lip gloss, sans illusions. I had an interesting night to say the least, which started out with a semi-breakdown. I have a lot of final projects that must be completed in order to finish up my last semesterand graduate. Well, let's just say the words just were not coming. I felt like there was a brick wall between my brain and comprehension. It felt like there was so much activity going on in my head but none of it would materialize into a single thought. I've never felt that in my life. I'm so close to a major milestone in my life yet it felt almost as if I were afraid of success, doing something right. Wow, what a meaningful statement. We never expect to be afraid of being successful but it is very scary when you've felt like nothing done by you would ever be good enough. Will I be able to live up to their expectations, God's Expectations, my expectations. So, this is me, the real me no makeup, no concealer, nothing false. Flawed yet flawless, is me. Our flaws make us who we are. Why cover them with concealer? We are concealing ourselves. It's so funny how we go through trials so that we know exactly what we have. Friends, family, Our Savior, put in our lives to show us that it's not about us. It's about who we can help while doing his work in the process. Your will be done! Au Naturel...the way you made me :)

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Tam said...

That was great...well stated! Thank God He doesn't look at our flaws; He accepts us just as we are!