Monday, December 1, 2008

Mental Break

So, I haven't done a post in somewhere close to like 3 weeks...well let's just call it a mental break. School has been very tedious not to mention I have been in no shape, appearance-wise, to step foot in front of a camera. The past couple of weeks has consisted of going to class, sleeping like 10 hours out of the day, and stuffing my face with any and everything in sight, which explains why everyone has been asking if I've gained weight. And, to those who have tried to contact me by way of cell phone, I hope you've enjoyed the sweet message I've prepared...enjoy it until finals are done! Thanksgiving was awesome, and I got to hit up some after holiday sales since I came into some very needed funds. I scored all but 2 Sex and the City the series DVD's and a couple other holiday gifts. After FINALS, I've got to dedictae one day or week to starting from the beginning and watching all six season's. Oh, I even hit up the thrift after-Thansgiving sale, finding some cool high waisted wide leg pants which are nearly a mile long (I can wear heels with them and they still cover my shoes, I'm in heaven), and a weirdly colored men's oversized-plaid shirt which I want to wear with leggings or tights and boots. I've got a little less than 2 weeks until finals and a mess of work to do, so until then I probably will not be doing any posts unless I get a burst of inspiration between now and then. Look out for the LAUNCH of my EBAY store at least by the NEW YEAR. Thank you to all of my subscribers for your KIND comments and Happy Holidays in advance. Until FINALS are complete, SMOOCHES!
And Happy Birthday Toy...I love and miss you.


Anonymous said...

tesha i totally feel you since i started college ive lost a lot of "neatness" i guess you can say. many times i dont even care how i look or wont apply makeup and i now eat and eat chocolate when just a few months before i would not touch chocolate because i break out aneways its annoying because i am also interested in fashion and i feel like im losing my sense. well tesha im sure you look beautiful as always :D umm i hope your finals go good and congrats that it's your last semester!!! chea wow i remember when you would tell me you were so behing back in Limited Too. I miss those days seeing you run back and forth between the stores. You were always the best and hardest worker i swear i would tell that to anybody and you were always in a good mood never in a meany one which is weird because every other female i know is atleast sometimes in a meany mood but you never were :D i love your positive attitude and oh my gosh I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF STYLE!! you are so DIFFERENT and UNIQUE! its great Tesha!!!!!!!!!!! you are very missed and adored by Ana Banana! take much care!

Tesh said...

Thank you so much Ana, you just don't know waht those kind words meant for me. I was in the middle of a mental breakdown, I have so much work to do to finish my classes and finish in order to graduate but nothing was flowing to my brain. I think it was more of an axiety attack. I was feeling so down like I was a failure, and I had come this far and in the 99th yard I feel like I cant make it over the finish line. I cried so hard when I read your comment because it reminded me that people are watching and look up to me and I have to make it to show them that they can too. So, thank you so much Ana even if you didn't even know what you were doing for me. I love you so much and you are such a beautiful girl, I've always thought that you had such a sweet spirit about you. Take care of yourself and do good on your finals as well :)