Thursday, January 8, 2009

Workout Plan

Ok, so this year I plan on working out twice a week. I did my first one today...Let's just say "Brutal". I was once in pretty good shape when I was employed (a conventional job) I was on my feet eight hours a day. Now, I sit in the house most of the time. My muscles have suffered. This Nike cut-off top is a Goodwill find from a shopping trip with my sister this past weekend. I almost knocked down the rack when I spotted it and when I found the second one, which has a blue Nike graphic, I almost did the splits (if I could do the splits...too out of shape for that too). It fits so well but I had a hard time deciding how to wear it. I'm not completely satisfied with the looks, so I'll just have to go back to the drawing board until I get the look right. This should be interesting. So the gym was a fun rendevous today. Not only did I get to pump some iron but I also got to see an old friend. We followed our visit to the gym with a trip to good 'ol Le Trader Joe's to do some additional fake health buff! To top off the wonderful health-filled day we went to Souplantation which might I add is the best place in the world. I mean you pay a fee and get to pile stuff on your plate, which you probably won't even eat, while also eating healthy. On top of that, they have Jello yes J-E-LL-O, cut into tiny convenient little cubes...where has this place been all my life? Anyways, hopefully my workout ambitions will not fizzle as the year progresses. Pray for me...Smooches! GTG: Nike cut-off tee-thrifted black jumper worn as pants(first pic)-thrifted(second pic)-thrifted black heels in 1st pic-Joey by way of Ross (picked these up yesterday for 15 dollars)

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Krystal said...

oh yes, LOVE your style x