Monday, April 6, 2009

Changing of the seasons

What a crazy past couple of weeks it's been. Times have been very hard but I've never been happier. Not to mention, the weather has been a pleasure. Spring is in the air; I love the changing of the seasons simply because it sparks a certain creativity inside. It makes me want to finish projects I've started and start ones I've been contemplating. New projects and ventures have been popping up left and right and I have kind of just been jumping in. This is the season of "me". Whatever I can do to improve, develop, and/or discover about myself is a goal of mine at the present moment. Hope everyone is well.

Look out for new pics from a fashion show I worked this past weekend (in front of the camera this time instead of behind the scenes)....Love

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Tammy said...

Yeah, me too! I love your creativity, and it's great to see you stepping out into what truly is God's purpose for your life. We should enjoy what we do and I'm glad to see you moving into that arena. You go girl! Luv, Tam