Monday, March 9, 2009

Suited and Booted

Got the shoes a couple weeks ago and I have worn them a couple times already. This is on the odd side for me because I have a lot of shoes, so when I wear shoes constantly it's a sure sign that I love them. Got the jacket about a week or two ago at my local thrift store chain. It's a nice change from all the black I've been wearing and the added bonus is it's my favorite color (magenta). So I wore this last Monday and never posted it but I wore it again yesterday to rehearsal for a fashion show I'm participating in. This is what I wore! Smooches

Get the Goods:
Thrifted jacket
H&M black tank
Forever 21 black pants
BCBGgirls black booties


Tammy said...

Cutsie pootsie! Great look!

Tammy said...

Cutsie pootsie! Great look n I luv the site's new look!

Tesh said...

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate the support...xoxo!

Francheska said...

Such a pretty blazer! And the shoes!!