Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Uniform

Lately I've noticed I've been wearing the same thing over and over. You would think it was a rut I am experiencing but I believe it's just the opposite. I've noticed the older I get the less I want to do regarding my wardrobe, or if something WORKS why change it.  It's funny that one of my short-term goals is to simplify my life and I think my current Spring uniform is one of those simplifications (Is this a word). 

From the photo above, I'm sure you may notice my "Black & Whites" from a previous post. I really haven't been wearing these as much as another pair of oxfords I have but they were prettier for the sake of the picture. But, the oxford style shoe in general is pretty comfortable and still super cute for a casual look, therefore they have been a current staple in my wardrobe. I've also been loving a few V-neck tees I picked up at Old Navy (four bucks each). They're like the perfect fit (I'm very particular about the fit of my tees) and they have a vintage cotton type look to them, like something straight out of the 70's.  The pink one above I haven't even worn yet but the gray one I have I've already worn twice this week and it's only Tuesday.

I currently have a mild fragrance obsession, for lack of a better word, that has been in existence for a few months now. I have found the most interesting online site where I can explore along with other scent weirdos 
my current love of scents. I noticed I was spending a lot of time on the site the past few weeks so I laid off a bit this week and am trying to fill my time with other productive tasks such as blogging ok you got me I'll go log on after I'm done writing this blog and organizing just to name a few :) My point is the scent above is one I've been loving Stella by Stella McCartney Eau de Parfum. It's the closest thing I've gotten to perfection regarding the way I want to smell at the moment. It was gifted to me this past Christmas, thanks Sharla, Love it!! Oh and the site is http://www.fragrantica.com. Check it out :))

Ok, lastly I've had the TIME to do my nails lately, and have had the DESIRE to do them, so it's been lovely to have a bit of eye candy on a daily basis. The color above is called "Beach Pink" and it's by an inexpensive brand I love and I picked it up for a buck (you know I love my deals). 

Oh oh, and I can't forget my favorite gold watch I picked up at one of the thrift shops I frequent. I love wearing this watch, it adds a mod element to any look and also adds a crisp put togetherness (definitely not a word) to your look. The brand is Anne Klein and I snagged it for ten bucks but it ended up being free with a coupon I had.

Enough rambling on about my favs of the moment. Hope you enjoyed my Spring uniform as much as I do.
Tesh :))

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