Sunday, November 29, 2015

Camo & Lace

I live for expression, I'm sure most everyone does, though the type of expression may vary, we are naturally beings of expression who need it in some form. For me my appearance is the way I express myself. I've hit a dilemma which has hindered this expression and it's called a "9 to 5". Though I am grateful, very grateful,  for my full-time job I sometimes feel I can go a bit cuckoo if I am not able to dress the way I feel and wear what pleases me. I  try and balance the restrictive nature of my "9 to 5" by being creative in other ways but sometimes it's just not enough. This dilemma has pushed me to be more daring in my appearance when I am off the clock. Hence my choices for this day. I went exploring for a girls day with my sister/nephews, and a friend and her cute son at a new cafe, well new to me, whose specialty was crepes. This was my first time having the dish and the outcome was they were not what I had imagined but turned out to be pretty good. I'm not the type to venture from my normal fare but I try to take calculated risks and this one surely paid off. 

The weather in California currently is in the 60's, shocker, and has been chilly this Thanksgiving week and weekend which is out of the norm for us as we are usually use to beach weather by day and bone chilling nights, well bone chilling for us anyway. I wanted to try wearing a skirt in cooler weather for a change, in any weather for that matter since I am not a skirt girl except in my head, but I never like a basic look so I wanted to balance things out. I also wanted to wear flat shoes since I knew we'd be doing a bit of shopping after brunch. So to balance the skirt I threw on my Air Force Camouflage jacket, which I've been wearing every chance I get. I love this thing because it de-girlifies any ensemble and adds a bit of grunge and playfulness. I also debuted this beautiful printed sweater, and at .99 cents I was very satisfied with its appearance. I carried my leather shoulder bag for easy access to my wallet when shopping, adorned my feet with my black & white Aldo flats, which tore apart through the course of the day which is what I get for waiting so long to wear them    
and my basic black scarf for warmth. I enjoyed my day and am hoping there are major changes for me in the near future. Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend festivities.

I also love perfume and decided to show the one I wore today. It has notes of Chocolate, Sicilian lemon, lavender, honeysuckle, magnolia, teakwood, and amber to name a few and was perfect for the crisp air today but not too strong.


Sweater, skirt, & purse: Thrifted
Jacket: Gifted
Shoes: Aldo (Thrifted)
Scarf: Old
Jewelry: Old Navy and gifted
Perfume worn: Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker

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