Thursday, September 3, 2015


We're in this weird transitional phase in my part of town between Summer and Fall which is making dressing somewhat interesting. We were just rescued from a two week long heat wave but the days now have been somewhat warm while the nights on the other hand, a different story. The nights have been a bit chilly which is very odd for the Western US where I reside, as we usually have a very long Summer like into November long. But anyway, I'm happy we may have somewhat normal seasons for what's left of the year. I feel my life in general is in a transition phase just as the sunshine is being swapped for the ground adorned with fallen leaves.

But back to the clothing, I'm excited to possibly be able to wear some normal Fall attire. So, this is what I wore on my last day of vacation from my day job. It was about eighty degrees and slightly breezy. I did a bit of relaxing and prepared for returning to work. I've had this dress, which I thrifted some time last year, stashed away in my dresser and have been pulling it out to wear every now and then but it's never been right. Yesterday was the perfect day for it as it was slightly warm but I was still able to throw on my fave and only denim jacket over top of it. I paired the dress with my fatigue Sam Edelman birkenstocks to balance the femininity of the look and added my very old striped head scarf to ground the different prints. 

Hope you all are enjoying the last remnants of the Summer and this transitioning of the seasons. Until next time.

What I wore
Dress: Guess (thrifted)
Jacket: Jones New York (thrifted)
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Head Scarf: H&M
Jewelry: Old Navy & thrifted


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