Monday, September 12, 2016


We are a little less than three quarters through 2016 and wow this year has been super busy for me between countless weddings, ok not countless but a few, mini vacations, job promotions, and the like, this year has been a roller coaster of events. Through all of the years events, I have been tried in many areas of my life and when trials come of course either growth will occur or stagnation. I'm hoping the bulk of my experiences this year have resulted in the former. 

I haven't done a post in quite a while and even in viewing the photos from this post I see growth in  my confidence, posture, and even choice of the look. I hope this is a mirror of what is occurring inside as well. 

Now on to the look. The weather has been in a state of limbo as of late. It can be very sunny and sometimes humid in the day time but by around 6 PM a chill arrives along with some light wind. It's starting to feel like Fall. This feeling so early in the year is actually a rarity in my part of town. For this look I wanted to wear a skirt so I chose this lace almost slip-like skirt. To balance out the femininity of the lace I opted for this faux jersey shirt I've had a little over a year. I think the top also toughens the skirt a bit and makes it a bit more cool. I set the look up a to be layered with a cool jacket or blazer later in the evening when a chill may arrive.

And, what's a look without the accessories. I added a leopard mohair classic pump-style shoe to add some texture and color. To add an element of drama and glam the rhinestone shingled gold necklace I picked up recently from one of my favorite discount stores for jewelry and of course a vintage element in the gold handbag.

I hope this year is being good to you all as well and that you're ready for the years end as it is fast approaching. The look details are listed below. Until next time.


Top: No Brand
Skirt: Thrifted (no brand)
Shoes: Carlos Santana
Necklace/Ring + Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory (no brand)/Old Navy
Handbag, Bracelets, & Anklet: Thrifted vintage/Thrifted

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