Sunday, February 25, 2018


Happy New Year!!!...Yes I understand it's February but it is a new year and I haven't posted since 2017 so it's fitting.  Life currently has been in a nutshell scary but that good scary. You know that butterflies in your stomach scary but you are aware the scary will lead to something amazing scary. I'm getting out of comfort so I'm uncomfortable and that is a good but uneasy place to be.

So, while I'm in this place I have been having so much fun experimenting with my wardrobe, it's my outlet. Though this look is not super inspiring I have been thinking up some things I want to do in the future. This time of experimentation is super fun but there are those days when I do not have the time and/or energy to devote to dressing in an inspiring way. At times you just need to put something on your body and get to your destination. This was one of those days. On days like this I divert back to my "Uniform". No I'm not in the military, don't work for a union, and am far from a school aged child but having a uniform has helped me get through the days where you want to feel confident but have no energy to get there.

My "Uniform" is very simple, jeans or slacks, and an interesting top is one of my uniform formulas. There's also the jeans, blouse, and polished blazer. I do have a few others which work for me but today was the day for Jeans and the interesting top combo. I wanted to wear a skirt, cute top, and little black and gold mules but sometimes that energy does not come to fruition to achieve the desired look, let's be real.

Having a few go to "Uniforms" can make dressing that much easier. On the days you have the push to pull off that stellar look, go for it but on those other days pull out your go to "Uniform" and keep it pushing. Enough of my babbling let's get to this look. Love!

Top: Kensie Jeans
Jeans: Hudson
Shoes: Report
Bracelet: Thrifted

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