Thursday, November 23, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Irony has been the theme of events as of late and today's look is no exception. Today was full of lots of food and family which was great as always and needed, well food of course so we can remain alive and well, the family part especially which we sometimes take for granted. I'm learning as I get older to cherish these moments, our time here is limited so that aspect has become the most important thing in this life.
But, I won't bore you with my unnecessary gibberish let's get to this look. So, the weather in this part of town has been IRONIC to say the least. Ironic since we're supposed to be having feelings we usually do around the holidays like cozying up next to a fire or heater, putting on your favorite warm fuzy pajamas while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa, or just wearing your favorite pair of cute fall boots. We were doing just fine here in Cali for about a week or two but that has passed and is gone for the moment. So, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to wear today and I had just thrifted this dress last week and really wanted it's debut to commence. I looked at the forecast and figured it'd be out of the question since it's sweatshirt material. Today when the temperature started rising I realized I wasn't going to leave the house all day except to possibly shoot some shots and remembered the air conditioner. Long story short we cranked that baby on in the house and here we are. The look is a bit ironic as well in it's very comfy fabric and silhouette juxtaposed by the big huge dramatic sleeves and yes that one photo is my attempt at flamenco dancing. Check out the details of the look below. Hope you all enjoyed this day with family and friends and for those who had none to share it with it will get better just keep the faith.

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