Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adorn Me!

I wanted to tell you all about my weekend in Vegas but I have not yet uploaded the pictures, and I don't even know if there are any worth posting. In the meantime, while searching through my closet I stumbled upon some pieces that I have yet to wear. I don't know if it's because I'm afraid to wear them, NEGATIVE, or because I haven't had an occasion to wear them, PROBABLY. Maybe it's just that I can't fit some of the stuff properly....i.e. that beautiful pink sequined dress :( sad face! Well anyways, these items caught my eye in numerous secondhand stores, and well I've just been holding on to them for a rainy day. I look at them when I'm feeling down and they make me feel better. Why am I receiving comfort from clothing? SAD! Well, I hope you enjoy these adorned items as much as I have!!!! Smooches

Middle English, from Latin adornare, from ad- + ornare to furnish — more at ornate
14th century
1 : to enhance the appearance of especially with beautiful objects 2 : to enliven or decorate as if with ornaments

Get the Look: leopard top, jacket, sequined blouse, and dress all Secondhand. t-shirt Merona by way of Target. pants Forever 21. earrings Santee alley (downtown L.A.). bracelets Forever 21 and Secondhand.
necklace Secondhand.

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Anonymous said...

That pink dress is hot!!!