Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hard + Soft = Balance

Here's my current inspiration board. I really love the contrast in these looks. The thigh high boots with frilly dresses. I love irony in anything, so if it's included in what you wear it kind of softens the blow. Wouldn't want to wear the thigh highs, a motorcycle jacket, and chains and cuffs; balance is key. On the other hand the leather boots with pink or with a dress balances out your look right?....RIGHT!
Kate Moss is famous for her impeccable style. She has mastered the hard versus soft look. It's not easy for most to pull off a dainty summer dress with muddy Dr. Martens, though I have seen her do it very tastefully. And sorry, I couldn't pass up the British flag purse even with the skull atop the bag. Forgive me! Enjoy....Smooches

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Anonymous said...

Thigh high black boots, I gotta find some. I want them to look like pants.