Monday, August 25, 2008




THIS tank top was really a find! I got it at a Goodwill store in the L.A. area sometime earlier this year. It was originally a bathing suit top I think. It's made of some cheap polyester fabric and it has a built in gauze-like bra. THIS is how I know it was probably once someones bathing suit. I've gotten many compliments on it, so I thought I'd share it with you. THAT is a beaded top which I found last week at one of my regular secondhand shops. I've seen many tops like this one in many different secondhand shops but this one is special. It's so unique yet very wearable, not to mention it's very classy, in the words of my mother. I pretty much got the top free of charge....why you ask? I shop there too much, ok...that's why! Well the last time I visited this particular shop, the clerk behind the jewelry counter told me if I spent $25.00 dollars I would get a full frequent buyer card worth $10.00 dollars and I only needed like $3.00 dollars more. Therefore, naturally I had to take advantage of this awesome deal which would get me ten dollars free on my next purchase, right?...."Right!". Well it turns out THAT my next purchase was THAT cute top!
Sorry that in most of my pictures I'm not smiling, I'm usually a happy person. I'll work on it....Smooches :)
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Anonymous said...

I really like your style it's very unique and different in a good way. I can't find stuff like that where did you get it. thanks for you comment on

Tesh said...
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Tesh said...

Thank you. Usually various secondhand shops.
Each post has a "Get the Look" section where you can find the items featured. Good Luck :)

Anonymous said...

I love sequins and shiny things.