Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cute shirt

I found this top at one of my regular thrift stores about two months ago. I searched through the entire store and ended up buying only a few items, this top included. I decided to put it on yesterday because everything in my drawers looked so drab and boring....well not everything because I own some things that most would consider to be pretty out there. Anyways, this was what I chose. Seventies inspired, colorful, zebra printed, floral shirt. That pretty much sums up every theme from this past springs list of hot trends. Throw it on with some beat up old comfy jeans and call it a LOOK, well what do ya know, HUH!

I'm going to Vegas tomorrow...Hoorayyyyy! I need this mini vacation so desperately. I wish it were longer but these days I'm happy with just one day away and look a here, I squeezed out two. I still need to pack, do some last minute shopping (so I'm not spending my entire trip searching for cute things to wear), and get my car serviced (yuck). Well anyways, I'm excited and ready to lounge. I'll make sure I get some good desert shots for you guys. Excited #2...about my sister borrowing, "Pippi Longstocking the series", dvd from the library, of all places. Those things still exist...ha ha...but I can't wait to watch in our hotel room. She found the "OG", ORIGIN-ALE version with the subtitles, Tommy and Onica, and the whole crew. Yayyyyyyy! I'm such a dork. Vegas here I come.

Get-the-Look: top Secondhand. jeans Hollister. shoes Marshall's (Boutique 58). heart necklace Forever 21. stone necklace a Gift. bracelets and ring Forever 21

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