Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is pretty much a random glitz, no glam, just a couple pics from my evening out. My family took me out to dinner for my birthday. It was a pretty calm uneventful night except for the fact that our waiter was a little reminiscent of Speedy Gonzalez...any Looney Tunes fans out there? Wasn't the Looney Tunes cartoon always funnier at 2 in the morning when you couldn't sleep? Therefore, you sat on the phone with your significant other until one of you fell asleep...those were the days! Anyways we had Italian and my pasta was drenched in red sauce. I needed to drown out the flavor so I requested some fresh parmesan. The cheese made it worse not to mention I ended up with cheese all over my metallic gladiators as well as my new dress that I had balled up in a bag in the corner of my room for three weeks. The colors in it remind me of those big stick popsicles from back in the 90's. We were very lucky if we got the good "Popsicle" brand but were always satisfied with the cheap ones off the neighborhood ice cream truck. Anyways, our waiter later redeemed himself, so we gave him a pretty good tip.

Sorry everyone that most of my pictures have the same scenery. I'm pretty much limited to my bedroom and other parts of my apartment right now. This will definitely change very soon. By then I'll hopefully be over my fear of exposing my work and myself to anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog...THAT WILL BE THE DAY! Until then....
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