Friday, August 29, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

What would a $1.00 dollar skirt look like?

Like this...

...and this

Oh, and this!
(click to enlarge)

The possibilities are endless with one little $1.00 dollar red skirt. Since I'm not working a conventional job right now I am free on Friday mornings to accompany my parents to breakfast. They go every Friday morning religiously. After our bellies are full we usually do a little, "thrifting". This is what we call visiting countless secondhand shops until our cravings for, antique jewelry-which my mom likes, baseball caps and broken gadgets he'll never fix-which my dad likes, and vintage bags which I usually go for, are satisfied. I picked up this skirt on one of those trips a couple weeks ago. So if you ever wondered what a $1.00 dollar skirt looks like, then you just got your answer! Makes you think, what could you find? Well, here's your cue. READY, SET, GO find out....

If you were wondering who takes my pictures, just scroll up and you'll see. Yeap, I don't have a fancy professional photographer yet, though I am working on it. I take all my pictures using the self-timer on my digital camera. I think it's good for me to do it this way for a while so I can get comfortable in front of the camera. This way when I do get a photographer I'll be so comfortable you'd think I was signed to FORD models. Ha Ha...well I don't know about all that but it will probably loosen me up.

By the way check out that Fanny Pack in the first cluster of photos....this is my attempt to bring those things back FULL FORCE. By the way I added the jewels, brooch, and chains to it. Hope you like....Thanks to God for that idea! :)

Get the Look: t-shirt Fruit of the Loom men's, skirt, blazer, and glasses Secondhand, sneakers Nike by way of DD's Discounts, heels Guess by Marciano, white sunglasses Kenneth Cole by way of Ross, necklaces secondhand and Forever 21, bracelets Forever 21 and Santee alley (downtown L.A.), earrings Santee Alley (downtown L.A.), rings Forever 21, fanny pack DD's Discounts (adorned w/jewelry from secondhand shops), hat Target.

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You are cute