Thursday, December 26, 2013


So, this is what I wore this past weekend for my nephew's dedication service. I went through around five or six looks before deciding on this one. Well, actually this was the only one that appeared even half way decent and that I felt comfortable in. I've realized if I don't feel comfortable in an ensemble I won't dare step out of the house in it. No matter how crazy it may be, if I feel comfortable in it and it's becoming, I would much rather wear the flamboyant crazed maniac look than something that looks "Normal" but I hate. Oh wait that pretty much sums up my style.

Bought the blouse thrifted about a month ago but I may have to retire it, since it's polyester and makes me feel like a sweaty girl. The thing is stupid cute though! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday. I surely did since I did absolutely NOTHING. Well, unless you count watching tv, painting my nails, or eating nonstop SOMETHING. The family celebrated Christmas on Sunday with a Sunday Brunch, it was great food, family, and fun.

So Yeah, hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and received everything you wanted material, emotional, and spiritual! Enjoy the pics......


Blouse & skirt: thrifted
Shoes: jessica simpson
Cuff Watch: anne klein
Clutch: thrifted
Bracelet: old

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