Monday, September 15, 2014




a native or inhabitant of Bohemia, esp of the old kingdom of Bohemia; a Czech
(often not capital) a person, esp an artist or writer, who lives an unconventional life
the Czech language
of, relating to, or characteristic of Bohemia, its people, or their language
unconventional in appearance, behaviour, etc
We experienced a sweltering day today to say the least, 105 degrees, in my part of town and as a native Southern Californian I can speak for this half of the state and say "you don't ever get used to the heat".  It was a beautiful day nonetheless, with the weekend flying by, as usual, I mostly relaxed and lived the life of a "insert title of post". 
Due to a recent injury, I'm off work for a few weeks. You would think, with that type of free time one would ponder all of the relaxation they will experience but for me it's been the opposite. I've made a list the size of "Bohemia", to complete while I'm recovering. Problem #1 arises: My injury involves my hand, which is why I'm currently typing this post with one  But life goes on, and on, and on, similar to my list of tasks, and I am in a positive frame of mind. But no, I am going to take it easy so I can recover fully and properly because I need these hands to do what "insert title of post and add an S" do, which is art.
Honestly, I wanted to show you what I wore today to visit a friend whom I didn't end up visiting. I bought this dress at the start of summer and just got around to wearing it. I honestly have not been wearing many dresses as of late but it was a nice change for me. I topped the thing off with a Panama hat I scored a few weekends ago and adorned my feet with my favorite black brogues I love those things. All of my jewelz, as 
I like to call them, are thrifted from some of my favorite spots except for the silver ring which is from Old Navy (hat is from there as well). 
Shoes: John Fluevog
Despite my cynical ramblings this go around, I hope you all enjoyed this little piece of me.
And as always, 


Yalisa McCalman said...

I love the color. And the idea of brogues paired with the dress. Very simple yet stand out.

Tesh said...

Thanks Yalisa, I always like to throw something unexpected in the mix :)