Thursday, November 20, 2014

Suits You

Today was a non eventful day. The usual "normalcies" of everyday sleep, work, bills, and I try to squeeze in a bit of fun. So, this is it, my fun for the day. It's actually a great release for me to relieve some creative tension. This is what I wore this past Sunday. I spent it with my cousin playing in clothing, we shot photos, ate In 'N' Out burgers for all you West Coasters. It was all in great fun and company.

As far as what I wore, I tried super hard to be deep and go into detail on how the color of the skirt caught a sparkle in my eye and it spoke to me in a soft whisper or it chose me with a brush to my cheek as I scoured my closet. Truth is, it was just pretty. It was my first time wearing this beauty I scored it in my local second hand store. It was one of those days searching for that perfect item which would catch my eye and without any luck through my entire trek in the store, just as I was about to leave, wait...what is this? Pretty color. Moschino Couture. Six dollars. CHA-CHING! In that exact order! To top off the skirt I also debuted my super perfect lace blazer that I bought at the end of winter last year and had yet to pleasure my shoulders with its perfection.

As always, I had to throw on something a bit off beat, my perfectly worn in motorcycle ankle boots did the trick. The perfect adoRebel ensemble to waste away a brisk day.

For this post I am participating in a Winter Style Challenge with Bonobos. I chose this look as a complement to their awesome new Collection of Men's suits.I like to mix very feminine things with a bit rougher things to balance them out. Hence my strong shoulder padded blazer, which is also inspired by menswear, was chosen along with a tough ankle boot. This creates a balance of pretty and tough. My big hair also balanced out the "prettiness" hee hee. My balanced look with the Bonobos suit is the perfect match for any power couple. Click on the name above to be linked to their site and shop for that perfect suit look for that exclusive holiday party or a gift for that special someone in your life. Until next time!



What I wore: Skirt (Moschino Couture)
Blazer (thrifted)
Ankle boots (Guess by Marciano)
Clutch (thrifted)
Jewelry (old)


BAMIGOtalk said...

This is great Tee. You're very good and insightful with your writing and descriptions. Were the pics taken at Joli's? I love it!

Tesh said...

Yes, she did a good job! Thanks...more to come :)