Monday, August 31, 2015

Comfort Zone

So, I explored a territory I don't usually visit for this post, Menswear. Exploring new territory is almost always certain to excite your inner being as nothing is learned without stepping out into dangerous waters so to speak. I've been trying to push myself beyond the limits and hopefully it pays off with new experiences, new lessons, and even new friends hee hee.

Ok, now to the clothes. This post is inspired by the new Tommy John Fall Underwear Collection. Their underwear provides the highest level of functional comfort for every situation you'll encounter, not just when you're lying on the couch. This menswear look is an idea for a first date look. 

Style File......
Occasion: First Date

Location: Beach side picnic

The Look: Classic & Comfy

Goal: Good first impression

So, for this menswear look since the location called for something casual I wanted to choose something that's comfortable and versatile. You, never know where the night will lead...a late night movie, a walk along the shore, a boardwalk ferris wheel ride, so you've got to be prepared. I like layers as they can be peeled off if necessary or piled on for the opposite scenario. I love for looks to be stylish without being too matchy is that a word. So, I opted for the model to wear a neutral khaki pant instead of jeans to appear a bit more put together. I liked this pink shirt because it was long sleeved so the sleeves could be rolled up for a bit of style as well as functionality but also so they can be rolled down if the temperature calls for it. The t-shirt and casual shoes were chosen to ground the look and balance the polish of the pants and over-shirt. I know guys usually don't want to hear all the technicalities of dressing well so the key words are "balanced", "polished", "clean", and "comfortable". In leau of the latter key word, a comfortable pair of Tommy John underwear will make you feel good and confidence will help you be the best "you" you can be. Keeping all these in mind when dressing for a first date will make it a piece of cake and maybe get you a peck at the end of the night

Hope you all enjoyed these first date dressing tips and maybe I will explore posts like this more often and continue stepping out of my "insert title".




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