Monday, August 10, 2015

Golden Peach

My energy has been very high as of late, this could be due to my Birthday which just passed or maybe just the place that I am in my life. I feel content, not that everything is where I want it to be but I'm just more content within myself. Though lots of things are happening around me, I don't feel stressed, I feel at peace.

My Birthday was this past week but because it fell during the week and of course I work a full-time day job, I celebrated over the weekend. I decided I was going to visit the beach this weekend even if I had to drag myself there. I pressured my cousin it really wasn't pressure, she wanted to go to accompany me and we drove to Oceanside, Ca., a gorgeous beach near the San Diego, California area. It was so nice to get away even if just for the day and be amongst new scenery. It probably wasn't as gorgeous as I perceived it to be but because I was surrounded by new things it's beauty may have been skewed. There's something about newness that sparks creativity and love.

I honestly think I was meant to travel the world. There is this rush I get when I am in a new place and when I know no one around me. Though I have not experienced this sans a companion, I really do believe traveling is somehow part of my destiny. 

So, now on to what I wore. My family treated me on Sunday to an early afternoon dinner and my laundry had not been done all weekend due to my all day trip on Saturday. This called for a digging through the armoire better known as my dresser to find something to wear. I knew I wanted to dress up because my birthday had just passed and I felt to be in a new frame of mind hee hee and decided to retire my lazy dressing at least for a few hours. I pulled out these long light-washed jeans I picked up about 2 or 3 years ago for one dollar at my favorite thrift shop. When I first bought them they were a bit too baggy but usually when I find long pants and especially at one dollar, I scoop them up. Summer dressing is sometimes so hard for me if I'm dressing up because I love blazers but I live in an area with a usually hot climate. I also don't like wearing tank tops without some sort of jacket so I added this high neck vintage style cream blouse I found at my second favorite thrift shop for about three bucks. As for my jacket, which I'm so glad I took since the restaurant was freezing, is a peach colored blazer I also got a few years back and have only worn a few times. I realized it's super light weight and perfect to compliment any summer ensemble when the temperature is not sweltering. 

Needless to say, why do people say that but still "say", I enjoyed my weekend so much oh because it's so obvious you need not say! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as I am. I plan on going back to Oceanside soon to explore a bit more and when I say explore I mean hit some thrift shops I spotted.

What I wore:
Blazer: Vintage Ann Taylor
Blouse: Thrifted
Jeans: Thrifted Tag Jeans
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Jewelry: Thrifted and gift
Clutch: Thrifted

*The title is in reference to a new tea I debuted this weekend and I love it...tootles xoxo!!

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