Friday, July 21, 2017

Style Staples

So much has transpired in the past couple months and I am so excited and optimistic and a little timid, I cannot lie, about what the future holds regarding my purpose in life. To all who have supported me in this journey called life I want to say "Thank you".

So, I am possibly starting a special series for the next few posts, well I will say for this post and in the future we will just see what happens as I'm not sure what changes may come about in the future.

So, today's style tip is all about wardrobe staples and how having these staples can be a great foundation for building a cohesive and versatile wardrobe. I always like to have certain pieces that I know look good on me that I keep around in my wardrobe for those times when I don't feel like trying. For days when I am stressed or very busy and don't have the time or energy to devote to thinking up outfits that keep me polished and reflect my style.

The "staple" items in my wardrobe are white tees, denim (all styles and cuts), blazers, and pants. Now, your staple may be dresses, which can in fact be very easy one piece entire outfits which are thoughtless or skirts where the top can be interchanged.  These are wardrobe staple pieces, formulas for outfits in which we know look good on us and require very little thought. 

On this day you can see I am using my "staple formula" to create a fashion forward look which reflects my personal style in no time flat. I wore this to church on this day and woke up late and was able to get ready in a bout 30-40 minutes. Check out the details of where I obtained the pieces which comprised this look.


Blouse (Patrons of Peace) & pants (Jones New York): Thrifted
White tee/tank: Old Navy
Shoes (Report): Ross Dress for Less

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